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FastReport for [x]Harbour
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About Sergey Spirin
About Fast Report Inc

   "FastReport for [x]Harbour" (FRH) is a report generator for giving [x]Harbour applications the ability to generate reports quickly and efficiently.

    "FastReport for [x]Harbour" is based on excellent "FastReport 4" and fully adapted for [x]Harbour at HB API level.

    Fully compatible with any Harbour or xHarbour -based systems in Win32 (like FiveWin, Xailer, MiniGUI etc).

Common Information
    "FastReport for [x]Harbour" (FRH) is developed by Sergey Spirin with authority of the OEM-agreement with Fast Report Inc. For more information about Sergey Spirin look page about him.

    FRH is implemented as one Win32 dynamic link library (all in one dll) plus [x]Harbour-class of interaction with this library, which is supplied in source code and can be added to any [x]Harbour-application. Binding to HB API functions is performed at moment of object creating of this class, ie the model of "late binding" is implemented. Thus, the report generator has full access to the data of [x]Harbour-applications it can call all its procedures and functions, etc. FRH do not open any tables, all data it recieves directly, by calling HB API functions.

    FRH does not require any installation. Redistribution FRH to end users is simply including FRH-dll as a part to your applications. For the full information on these products, please, download the documentation at section "Downloads Trial and Docs".

    FRH is fully compatible with:

xHarbour starting with 0.99.70 and later
Harbour starting with 0.99-3 and later


    The price for one-developer license of "FastReport for [x]Harbour" is EUR 299. 

    You can download license agreement for "FastReport for [x]Harbour".  "FastReport for [x]Harbour" is licensed "per developer". Each developer of your application(s) need to have his own "FastReport for [x]Harbour" license.

   Sale "FastReport for [x]Harbour" is carried out by means of "share-it". "Share-it" is a global e-commerce platform for selling software products on the Internet. You can buy "FastReport for [x]Harbour" now.    

   After payment user receives a stable link to his personal copy (copy of FRH with individual attributes like language by default, etc.).  All personal copies are registered in Fast Report Inc as OEM-product containing FastReport Designer. All users have full access to technical support  from Fast Report Inc. The information about current version of personal copies is accessible at special info-page about personal copies*.

* The trial-version below can be older version.
Download Trial and Docs

    You can download a trial-version. Trial issues:

only 5 pages of the report is available 
the nag message showed if the main script of the report is present

    All demo applications use the same calls to FRH and the only difference in its main window styles. First, download FRH and then choose and download demo for your system. If you will have some compilation problems, you can download exe-files  of demo-applications below.
"FastReport for [x]Harbour" - trial. Data, reports and part of language resources  for demo applications are included.
Demo-application for "FiveWin for Harbour/xHarbour"
Demo application with very simple console main window. This is universal demo. It can be compiled with any Harbour or xHarbour -compiler of any versions.
Demo-application for MiniGui standart edition.
Demo-application for MiniGui extended edition.
More advanced variant of console demo-application. Developed and tested at xHarbour.
Demo-application for Xailer. Contains an additional example which shows work with Xailer-Datasets.
"Synchronize" folders with before use.
Coming soon. Demo-applications for other variants of  Harbour or xHarbour - based systems. If you want you can make your own variant and send us.
Language resources files (32 languages). 0.5Mb 
FastReport Documentation
FastReport various documentation.
User manual for "FastReport for [x]Harbour" (FRH) and "FastReport for Alaska Xbase++" (FRAX)

    Exe-files of demo-applications. Put unzipped exe-file to root of unzipped

    To use FRH  in application simply add FastRepH.prg, to your project. Copy FRSystH.dll in a convenient directory, for example, in directory with application exe-file. nd start to use frReportManager-methods.  For more info read  user manual and look at demo sources.

    Other examples:
This example shows that FRH use current RDD and  there is no difference for FRH with what RDD to work. In this example it's ADORDD that works with Access  mdb-file. Example is from MiniGui samples. Compiled with MiniGui std.
This example shows how FRH work with SQLRDD.  Firebird server is used. To run this example, create firebird database from script_db.sql  and  correct pathes in sqlrdd_tst.prg.
This example shows how to save and load reports from memo/blob fields of database. Look at using LoadFrom/SaveToBlob methods and OnSaveReport-event of designer. Compiled with MiniGui Ext.
This simple example shows how to use multiple not-modal preview mode. It can be used with FRH 4.7 or higher. Compiled with MiniGui Ext.
Example from Rene Flores that shows how possible to use FRH for Web.
This example shows how to call second report from first one. In this way you can create complex nesting of various reports. This example shows how to works with labels in FRH. Compiled with Harbour2 only.

Any comments, questions, bug reports etc, please mail to -
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  Spirin Sergey, () 2008-2011. All rights reserved.
Adaptation demo for FiveWin, Evandro G. de Paula - Curvelo - MG and Kleyber Derick Batalha Ribeiro - So Luiz - MA, (c) 2008. All right reserved.
Adaptation demo for MiniGui, Grigory Filatov, () 2008. All rights reserved.
Adaptation demo for xHarbour-console (advanced variant), Verchenko Andrey, () 2008. All rights reserved.
Adaptation demo for Xailer, Wilson Alves, (c) 2008. All rights reserved.
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